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LG or Sony?

Hey, does anyone have anything good/bad to say about Sony or LG?  I'm looking to buy a new LCD, but I don't know which of these companies is the most reliable.  Specifically, I'm looking at the 32" LG 1080p LCD TV and the 40" Sony 1080p LCD TV.  Personally, I'm leaning towards the LG.  Does anyone have any opinions that would help me?




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Re: LG or Sony?

I personally don't like LG's. Sony has specialized in TV's for years, so they are the most obvious best bet for one. Also out of the listed TV's, the Sony is larger. Bigger is better Smiley Tongue I mean when it all comes down to it, they are both big companies, so quality is not always there best trait...

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Re: LG or Sony?

in the consumer report they say that lg has most people to sent it back for repairs.

sony has the best company for years but, samsung is the best for couple years. so its up to what is comfortable for you. sony or lg?