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LG Soundbar Model SH3K will not remain on Optical, fails everytime there is power power outage

LG 21Channel Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier Black
Model: SH3K
SKU: 5492307


It's my THIRD ONE...OMG!!


FOURTH if you count the replacement sent that had the identical problem right out of the box.


So last night the power goes out, stays out about 90 minutes.

Power returns -- soundbar hell again -- before I powered up the TV I just knew it was going to be Groundhog Day.


Exhibits the exact same behavior that had me in LG support insanity for close to 15 hours of my time (documented).


You attempt to set the soundbar to Optical out and in exactly 7 seconds it switches itself off of Optical and defaults to Bluetooth.


For the 6 seconds before it switches, it sounds fantastic.


Every one of these I've had ends up doing the same thing -- LG is absolutely NO HELP.

They HAVE replaced it with the same unit and one of the replacements had exactly the same behavior -- after shipping the other back and waiting for almost a month, two other times.

So actually I have now had FOUR LG SH3K's that do the same thing.


BestBuy Support -- tell me there is a way to get Optical Setting to stay on Optical.


EVERY TIME... it wasn't an Optical Cable, or someone messing with connections.


NOTHING BUT the city power grid going down. It's not like it was a lightning power surge, NOTHING else in the house has ever been affected except this exceptionally weak design that fails every time, and I mean EVERY time, power goes out.


Shouldn't need to put a UPS on a Soundbar... I built my entertainment center around the dimensions of this fine piece of work and that is the only reason I keep hoping LG has gotten it together.


What's the solution?


Purchased this one 11/17



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Re: LG Soundbar Model SH3K will not remain on Optical, fails everytime there is power power outage

Hello, User866203 –


Thanks for joining our community! This issue with your LG Soundbar would very frustrating. I’d be happy to see what troubleshooting advice I can provide to you.


Can you please rule out that the issue isn’t your TV by connecting to an alternative TV, and also use a different power outlet as well? I understand you may have tried these options while working with Toshiba, but I just want to make sure all of our based are covered.


Also, have you attempted alternative connections outside of Optical Audio? Have you doubled up connections like connecting an HDMI ARC as well? Have you tried an a different Optical Audio cord? The ends of them are very fragile and can be damaged easily. (Some customers I’ve seen try to plug them in with the “caps” still on.)


What do you have your TV connected to? There may be some default setting we can turn on for your TV.


The owner’s manual shares the following setup steps:

  1. Connect the OPTICAL IN jack on the back of the unit to OPTICAL OUT jack on the TV using an OPTICAL cable
  2. Set the input source to OPTICAL. Press F button repeatedly until the function is selected.


I look forward to your reply to continue to help you troubleshoot this issue. Doing some primarily research it doesn’t appear that this issue a known one, or noted in the product’s reviews either.



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Re: LG Soundbar Model SH3K will not remain on Optical, fails everytime there is power power outage

Hello Mariah. I have been having the same issue as the initial poster.

I have been using my LG SH3Ksoundbar for the better part of 2 years, and just now it has started doing this. The soundbar, no matter what input it is on, will change its input after a few seconds to Bluetooth and stay on Bluetooth until changed again, at which point the cycle will begin again.

Have you discovered any resolutions to this issue? I can confirm that I did follow the basic instructions above from the owner's manual.

Thank you!