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LG SK10Y Dolby ATMOS Soundbar

SOFTWARE VERSION : 18061178 DSP : 18060800 is what LG pushed to address center/vocal channel operation & performance on this product. It doesn't fix the core issue. The core issue is with the positioning of the vocal sound components (objects) and their relative strength to the other 'high energy' or atmosphere objects that are introduced in more dynamic or ambient scenes in the Dolby ATMOS sound field. With this update LG introduced a center channel control that can boost vocals but it also boosts other 'objects' in the near field of object placement. Just check the most dynamic scenes in the recent HD release of 'Ready Player One'. When characters are further back in the visual field of the movie, their voices are "by ATMOS object oriented design" positioned back in the sound field relative to the entire soundscape. The problem is, there are obvious over attenuation issues with how this soundbar's DSP handles vocal object placement on dialog not in the foreground of the movie. And the newly introduced center channel control doesn't help pull those back positioned dialog objects forward. Both the provided remote control and the mobile app have introduced this center channel control. As a side note, what LG failed to recognize is that all functions of the sound field adjustments - most notably the Treble and Bass controls - are still missing in the mobile app. Seriously? But I digress ... This soundbar has the potential to reign supreme if LG can only figure out how to better communicate with Dolby Labs and possibly Meridian - to address the processing of voice objects in the generated sound field. The DSP of this design is still broken. Best Buy Tech Insider, YourMainDude
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Re: LG SK10Y Dolby ATMOS Soundbar

I recently purchased the 65 inch Lg OLED B series tv. It just quit on me after a month of use. The Hulu app crashed and some how made the main board in the tv crash which is extremely annoying. However when I get a new tv I will be looking for a sound bar. I read your review about the SK10 and found it useful. How do you feel about other LG sound bars and/or others? Which would you recommend ?
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Re: LG SK10Y Dolby ATMOS Soundbar

Hello Robclark148,


Thanks for posting to our community to look for a soundbar recommendation. Can you please share a bit more about your setup, and your needs? We’d be happy to jump in to make a recommendation for you once we know a bit more.



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