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LG SJ9 turns on and off constantly

I have the soundbar hooked up to LG OLED with DirecTV for the past 2 years and have had no problems.  Last night, out of the blue, the soundbar started turning off and on every 45 seconds or so.  Doesn't matter if the tv is on or off.  Once in a while it will stay on for 3 minutes and then turn off. 


Any suggestions?

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Re: LG SJ9 turns on and off constantly

Sometimes the TV can incorectly send power signals to the soundbar. How is your soundbar connected? If its thru ARC then that could be the issue. If not, I would try power cycleing the sound bar (unplug it, wait a couple min, plug back in). If that dosent fix it, it sounds like it could be a hardware issue, have you had any lightining strikes recently and was it pluged into a power strip with surge protection?