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LG OLED 55EC9300 TV Yellow Horizontal streak across screen

This TV went off the extended warrenty 7 months ago so I know I won't get any help from the store but wondered if anyone else had had this issue, and solved it.   Last week while watching a show about the Artic I noticed during a white snow screen that I had a yellow horizontal streak in the middle of the screen.  It was about two inches high and covered the center third of the screen width.   I know notice it on many different type of scenes, though I know it is because I am now looking for it.  I have gone to many different channels on Direct TV, Netfilx, Amazon, etc to see if it's in any of those devices, but it's the same.  So it's the TV.

   Anyone know if there is a way to fix that?  Is it a firmware issue?   I don't use games on the TV, nor do I freeze frame anything for more then a few seconds from time to time.  I turn it off when I leave the room.  This TV had a great picture before I noticed the yellow streak.   I was going to go pick up the new 65 inch OLED version from BB last week when I noticed this streak.  Guess that's off the table now. 


Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Re: LG OLED 55EC9300 TV Yellow Horizontal streak across screen

Hello timb01,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I’m sorry to hear that your LG 55” has a yellow streak across the bottom. I’d be happy to discuss this matter with you.


Discoloration on the screen that’s consistent from source to source most likely is a pixel issue which can’t be resolved with a firmware update. This is an issue that would need to be resolved with the processor, or the individual pixels of the TV. You’re welcome to get a quote from Geek Squad, or the manufacturer for a repair. This isn’t a known issue for the model you purchased. Most times the repair costs will be more expensive, or equal to purchasing a new TV.



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