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LG A1 OLED or Insignia F50 QLED

Looking to make a major move (for me). Currently have a 6 year old Westinghouse DW39F 40" LED (refresh rate 120 Hz) and looking to upgrade with a limited budget. My current choice is between a 48" LG A1 OLED ($699) or a 50" Insignia F50 QLED ($269) both with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The room isn't excessively bright (western windows, normal table/floor lighting). Many reviews for OLED caution about brightness (or lack of) that I wonder if I should stay with a LED/QLED unit. My gaming days are long behind me, this is a TV in a living room for general entertainment and Plex and Roku.


Am I being over concerned about the brightness? What are your thoughts? Thanks for your input!