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Is your TV Haunted? Take our short quiz below to find out!

We all know the saying “things that go bump in the night”, right? My TV randomly turns off and on.


True – In the middle of night, it’s doing some weird stuff. Also, you might have noticed it’ll turn off in the middle of watching your favorite Halloween movie. (If you need to know mine is the Disney Channel original Halloweentown.)


False – No, spookiness to report here. The TV stays off once I turn it off.


So, I’m hearing voices…my TV talks to me randomly, and I’m not sure why.


True – The TV is announcing what it’s doing. For example, when you turn the volume down it says, “Volume 24”.


False – My TV doesn’t talk to me or it does, but I’ve enabled an accessibility feature or smart voice assistant like Google’s Alexa.


Eek! My TV just won’t turn on at all.


True – It was just working earlier, but not it won’t.


False – We’re good here!


Mostly True!


Your TV is totally haunted! Please call your local Ghostbusters and they’d love to assist you further.

Alternatively, you can check your TV’s settings to ensure that there is nothing within the setting that are prompting these issues to happen. We’ve been seeing some recent posts about some accessibility features being turned on, loose cords, and other easy fixes. Not sure where to start in your troubleshooting journey? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide here! If you’re still having an issue please make a new post & we’d love to give you some advice.


Mostly False!


Thankfully it sounds like your TV isn't doing anything too spooky, but if it does please check out response for Mostly True. 


Have you ever thought your TV was Haunted, but it turned out just be a feature that got enabled or blu-tooth interference? We’d love to hear your story and how you resolved the issue. We welcome you to share by hitting the boo-blue “Reply” button.


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