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Is tivo bolt compatible with Charter tv?

I do have a question. I have decided to purchase a tivo bolt, so I don't have to pay for DVR services through Charter. It causes my charter bill to be so high if I pay for the DVR and the services. 


Is the tivo bolt compatible with the digital reciever through Charter??? I tried going on their website and came up with nothing and I couldn't get through to their 1-800 number. 

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Re: Is tivo bolt compatible with Charter tv?

Yes your Tivo Bolt is compatable with Charter/Spectrum.


You will need to contact Charer and get a cable card.  As the Bolt comes with 4 tuners you will want to ask for a 4 Tuner Cable Card.  I know they make 2 tuner cards.  Each card will cost you $2 a month (at least in my area)


You will need to follow the directions to install and activate your cable card once you have inserted it in your Bolt.



My Tivo Series 3 had two tuners so I only needed a 2 tuner card.

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