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Is there a reason not to get an open box X900F if you get the warranty?

I recently graduated college and am furnishing my new apartment, and have been looking for a new TV for my living room. I saw there was a satisfactory open box X900F for $660, and I could also get a $159 warranty. Is there any potential issues I'm not thinking of here, or does this seem like a solid deal?

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Re: Is there a reason not to get an open box X900F if you get the warranty?

I would say do it IF.


You get Best Buy Geek Squad delivery and set up.  But check to make sure your local best buy Geek Squad are the ones doing the delivery.


I had a Samsung TV repaired by Geek Squad earlier this month.  I asked the technicians about this. 


He assured me that in my area if I purchased an open box TV in store and did in home set up that he himself would be the guy delivering it and setting it up.  I know it is idiotic to pay for someone to put a TV on the stand, plug it in and connect an HDMI cable. 


However, he assured me that if something was wrong with it he would call it in on the spot and take it back to the store.


Personally I would do this with any high end large TV.  If you bring a TV home yourself and it is not working you may be out of luck.  There is no way to prove or disprove that you didn't handle the TV poorly.  I am currently shopping the idea of a Sony OLED and will very much have it delivered and installled.  Just for piece of mind. 


The GS guy said he has been doing delivery and install for my BB for 10 years and he has only once ever had a TV not working when he got there. 



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