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Is there a TV that can also be used as a monitor?

Currently the wife is using a laptop and two extra monitors, but it's not really working with the room layout, so we were wondering if we could just get a new TV in that room and pipe both screens into that instead?
She usually has a word or Excel document on one monitor and a browser open on the other.
When she finishes work then the room can go back to second TV duties as usual. Currently there's an old but still lovely 50" Panasonic plasma in there.
Any help on a suitable telly (50"-60")would be much appreciated.
I don't even know if it's possible.
Many thanks.




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Re: Is there a TV that can also be used as a monitor?

I have tried using TV as a monitor and the results have been less than inspiring.


But if the laptop has an HDMI output it should be able to connect to any TV that has an HDMI input.


The base issue is that the Graphics Cards on laptops are designed to display on monitors up to a certain size.  It is like your trying to stretch the same amount of material over a wider opening

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