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Is Best Buy Magnolia line worth it?

I'm using some Klipsch from college, (2004) and they've served me great and still going but looking for an upgrade for my game room. Mainly play video games and watch some (older) tv/movies.

I'm at a point where I want to get something and in theory last for a long time but I also don't want something that clearly cuts corners and is subpar 1-2 years after purchase.

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Re: Is Best Buy Magnolia line worth it?

We're talking about some high profile audio here thats some of the best in the industry! Just look at those prices on the home theater components. 


Ever been to a hotel in a casino in their best suite and you hear top of the line audio or maybe you've been to a theater that offers a larger than life theater screen and heard their audio system. (Cinemark XD is an example)


You'll get the same professional quality as these high profile environments when you buy Magnolia items and they will even do a consult with you to get the right experience from your home and help you set up appoiintments for installaton etc. 

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Re: Is Best Buy Magnolia line worth it?

Magnolia is just a BB monicker for higer end line of Audio and Video equipment.  


I purchased high end speakers for home theater a long time ago.  I have never abused them and I cannot justify replacing them 


What you write is (in my mind) the correct mind frame. Don't go sub par.


But you also don't need to go mega expensive.  Quickly gets to a point of dimishing returns. 


I would start off looking for a really good receiver first. 

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