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Is 1080i better than 1080p?

Well I bought a Toshiba REGZA 37" HDTV that does 1080p. Well I dont have the cable but when I have it on 1080i instead of it having smooth curving lines on Gears of War 2 and any other game it has white fuzzy lines around everything..... so instead of a door way having straight lines its fuzzy all around.....and what I was wondering if 1080p would make everything smooth and not have fuzzy lines. If anyone could answer that question even though its confusing I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Is 1080i better than 1080p?

To be very honest with you, I can definently tell the difference between 480 and 1080 Smiley Wink


But because of my eyesight , 1080p and 1080i look the same. However I noticed 720p produced smoother picture movement. Just my observation. Most of the OTA channels I watch broadcast in a maximum of 1080i.

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Re: Is 1080i better than 1080p?

now the i in 1080i means interlaced

the p in 1080p means progressive.


to my understanding. 1080p is the real deal as where 1080i just makes a 720p loook like a 1080 resolution. don't take my word for it. look it up the difference between "interlace" and "progressive" on google.

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Re: Is 1080i better than 1080p?

Hey Garry27,


Really, the difference between interlaced and progressive images is how they are "painted" on your TV's screen.  Interlaced images consist of two fields of alternating lines that appear in an ABAB pattern, with each field appearing on your screen 30 times each second.  On the other hand, progressive images display everything - the entire image, and not just half of it - 60 times each second.  What this means is that while interlaced images may display some "flickering" due to their alternating fields, progressive images attempt to minimize that effect by removing any negative space.


While most TV owners won't necessarily be able to tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p resolutions, certain things may stand out if you have better than average eyesight or are looking at fine details.  For example, small shadows and certain colors may appear to "dance" on the screen when shown in 1080i resolution.


Does that sound anything like what you're seeing?


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Re: Is 1080i better than 1080p?

I've seen numerous sources that say 1080p is the best their is.  The progressive imaging makes the picture much better.  In fact, a gaming magazine that I read defines 1080p as "currently the best picture quality available on a high-definition television."  I hope this helps!