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Installing new TV and moving existing TV

I know that I can get professional installation when purchasing a new TV, but is this scenario possible to do in one order / one installation visit?

  1. Remove 75" TV and its mount from wall.
  2. Mount 75" TV (with its existing mount) in the next room.
  3. Mount 86" TV with a new mount where the 75" TV used to be.

The 75" TV's mount isn't rated for TVs as large as 86", hence the need to move the mount.


Is this something that can be done, and if so, how would I specify needing this when ordering online?  Or should I order in store?  I understand this may cost more since it's essentially double the installation work.



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Re: Installing new TV and moving existing TV

I would think that should be something that can be done. But you may be best off making an appointment in store and getting everything straightened out in person.


You will want make sure the new location for the 75" is a load bearing wall. that can support the weight.

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