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Insignia sound bar not working with roku tv

I bought an insignia 2.1 channel sound bar system for my 58" roku element c508x about a year ago and it's been working very well up untill a couple days ago. It has stopped receiving sound from the TV. The TV and sound bar are both on, the audio output is set to auto, and all the connections are firmly in place. I've tried swapping out the RCA cables that came with the sound bar for an optical cable with no positive result. The sound bar does seem to still function as it plays audio perfectly when receiving through Bluetooth from my cellular device.
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Re: Insignia sound bar not working with roku tv

Are you able to test this sound bar on other devices with the connections not working to see if it resolved the issue? I am sure your TV is find but if you continue to have issues you can take your Insignia product to Best Buy or visit for Technical Support over the phone for this product. 

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Re: Insignia sound bar not working with roku tv

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Trouble with your home theatre setup can definitely be frustrating. I had trouble with my sound bar last year, it took me almost 2 months to fully diagnose and resolve the issue. I am sure that you have already verified that the TV is set to output audio to the sound bar in the menu, but that is the first thing I would verify as it could be as simple as a settings change after a software update on the television. I would also try manually changing the input on the sound bar to the input you are using for the television, just to be sure that the sound bar isn't having trouble selecting the correct input. If you are still having trouble you can visit the Insignia support site as hockeycanuckjc mentioned!


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