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Insignia TV - lost digital

In South for 2 months-cannot access digital channels-worked up North.Manual does not help. Any ideas?
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Re: Insignia TV - lost digital

Hi macsk,


I am sure you've already tried this but I would try and rescan for the digital channels. Also since we are still in the conversion process from analog to digital some television stations are not broadcasting at full digital power, you may need a stronger antenna designed for digital signals.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Insignia TV - lost digital - see how close your TV transmitters are.


Sometimes their specific antenna reccommendations are way off, but if you were 5 miles away from the transmitters previously and are 20-30 miles away now, you'll need to get a much better antenna and possibly a good preamp.  Sadly, good antennas and preamps (Channel Master or Winegard) are hard to come by.  Lowes used to carry CM products but the last time I checked they had the same low-grade RCA and Philips stuff BB carries.  (Phillips may be a good brand for some products, but their TV antennas are junk, as are nearly every RCA model I've seen.)

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