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Insignia LCD HDTV region problem

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I just bought a 32" Insignia LCD TV at a Best Buy store in my trip to Orlando, Florida. I tested it at the hotel, and it was ok. The problem is that I came back to Brazil and now it is black and white only. Searching in the internet I realized that TVs has to be multi-region to work in every country of the world, and I had no info like that from the salesperson at Best Buy.
Does anybody knows what should I do, since I am not coming back to the US and I suppose Insignia has no technical assistance in Brazil?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Insignia LCD HDTV region problem

Hey Ilvasco,

Chances are that the reason why TV signals are not being displayed properly is because the United States and Brazil use two different TV broadcast standards (NTSC vs. PAL). Insignia TV’s sold within the United States only recognize the NTSC format, but you may be able to resolve that problem by using a PAL-to-NTSC set-top converter box. I personally cannot attest to how well these converter boxes function, so I’d strongly recommend reading as many reviews as possible before purchasing one!

Hope this helps you out!

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