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I cannot figure out why my audio is set to PCM

I have a Panasonic UB820, an LG CX and a Nakamichi 7.1

I've looked all over the internet. I have all the correct settings as far as I can tell. My player and tv are set to Bitstream. Now for some reason my audio cuts out for a few seconds every couple minutes (this is new, only started last night after I started messing with things trying to fix this)

I have the Video out HDMI from the player to the soundbar. I have the video/audio hdmi from the player to the tv. I have a cable from the Arc port of the bar to the Arc port of the TV. When I hit INFO on the bars remote it says PCM, when I hit it again it says Dolby Upmix. When I press playback info on the players remote, it says TrueHD 7.1ch but it also has PCM 2ch 48kHz next the HDMI video and HDMI audio sections. The lefthand part of the HDMI audio section is blank.

I'm hoping someone here has the exact same setup.




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Re: I cannot figure out why my audio is set to PCM

I think you sould have the player feeding into your Nakamichi receiver using the Audio Video out on the player. 


The receiver should be feeding the soundbar.


HDMI Arc should be going from your receiver to the TV


That way your Nakamichi will be handling all the audio and video. It will send Video to the TV and Sound to the soundbar.



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