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How to convert a speaker into a wireless one

I have 2 speakers that are located almost 20 feet apart and want them to be converted into wireless speakers? I understand that I would need to buy a sender to transmit the signals from my amplifier to my speakers. What do I need to do this?


Any help would be much appreciated.





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Re: How to convert a speaker into a wireless one

Kits like that were pretty common before wireless speakers were common on the market. 


But you would need a transmitter that plugs into your receiver and then you would need devices at the speakers to send the signal to the speakers.  The devices would need a power supply


Here is a Rocketfish device for Surround Speakers

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Re: How to convert a speaker into a wireless one

Thank you for your comment.


The concern is that the 2 speakers are not nnear each other and so I would need 2 receivers, one for each speaker. Is that possible?



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Re: How to convert a speaker into a wireless one

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Hey there, Anjna,

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I can certainly understand wanting to check out what options would be available to make your speakers wireless. As user bobberuchi mentioned, the Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit would be a great option for this. As outlined within the Quick Start Guide for this item, the maximum distance between the wireless sender and wireless receiver should be 100 feet or less for optimal use. For clarification, what is the distance between the two speakers in your home that you were wanting to use this on?

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