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How to connect TV / soundbar / Blu-ray player with HDMI?

I've recently bought everything I need - LG CX OLED, Panasonic UB820 Blu-ray player & Samsung Q950T soundbar (I think they all have eARC) - I'm just confused about what the HDMI cables should be connecting, as I'm reading different things. Is it the Blu-ray player to the soundbar and then the soundbar to the TV, or the Blu-ray player and soundbar both connected to the TV separately? I also read somewhere that the LG CX doesn't support DTS, does that affect how I should connect it all?

Thanks for any info.




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Re: How to connect TV / soundbar / Blu-ray player with HDMI?

I just got an LG CX a few weeks ago and I am very happy with it. I hooked up to a home theater receiver and not a sound bar but it should work similar. 


The sound bar will only have one input and one output. 


From the HDMI Arc on the TV connect that to the HDMI Arc on the sound bar.

Connect the HDMI out from the player to the other HDMI on the sound bar.



Conversly the LG has a second 4k input.  You may get better performance connecting the Blu Ray directly to the TV. I would consider trying it both ways and see if you can see a difference. 


The player you purchased is pretty high end and should get you exceptional 4k resolution 

However, in good consciousness I will point out that the player is capable of 3D but your TV is not. So you won't get 3D on the TV, if that is something you were expecting. 


If you want to attach more devices to the TV you will use the other HDMI inputs. 

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