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How much do you care about sound quality in your Home Theater?

Many people sweat over the smallest details when getting a video device (TV, projector), but do not think much about the integration of a sound system in their room.  Too many people think that a large TV with an off the shelf sound system will make a great home theater system.  Unfortunately, many stores can't even demonstrate the integration of video and audio as evidenced by the huge wall of TVs and a small section devoted to surround sound systems.  How is a consumer to build a home theater if you can't hear and see what is possible.


So my question is, how much do you care about sound quality and what have you done to get the most out of your system?  For instance: Have you applied sound absorption materials to your walls, have you sweated speaker placement, have you plotted your room's anti-nodes, have you controlled your light levels, have you calibrated your speakers, etc.


Believe it or not, your room's acoustics and the proper type of audio equipment and speakers play a much LARGER part in your enjoyment of anything that you watch.  You just can't throw some speakers into a room wherever you want and expect to have an engrossing experience.


The reason I ask is that I don't believe that many people care about sound quality since a large percentage of the population think that portable digital audio players sound fine.  I would like to be proven wrong.  My other goal is to raise everyone's awareness that you need to think about more than just a large TV in order to build your home theater.

I do not work for Best Buy and am not affiliated with them in any way. I like HT and want to help people improve their HT experience. "There is a LOT more than just having a TV to make a home theater"