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Re: How Long Would I Have To Wait In Line For Best Buy Black Friday to get the..... ?

I was like the 15th person in line just right around just around the corner of the store for about 7 hours and I then go around the corner to find out that I'm now like 50th because people "saved spots" for their friends and that "limit 1 per customer" was not into affect and the "minimum of 10" isn't a minimum at all so Best Buy pretty much doesn't really care whether you were in line for 7 hours or 7 seconds as long as they get their money, so I would suggest never going to best buy for Black Friday for anything.

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Re: How Long Would I Have To Wait In Line For Best Buy Black Friday to get the..... ?

First, Black Friday does nothing but showcase humanity at its' absolute worst.  In addition, I, and several others, told you that there may not be the "minimum" number at your store.  I, and others, also told you that you had to be at the very head of the line if you wanted a good shot at getting what you wanted.  If you had gotten there before those that "saved spots for their buddies", you'd have gotten what you came for.  Best BUy probably had no idea of who was in line 10 minutes before the door opened, or 10 hours before.  Live and learn, friend.  It would have been the same at *ANY* store you chose....any store at all.

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Re: How Long Would I Have To Wait In Line For Best Buy Black Friday to get the..... ?

That's a joke right,, I went there and people were sleeping out,,However I was in line for that same tv but best buy was not being fair about handing out the tickets and #'s on that tv,, considering they knew they only had 45 tv's, they should have done one tv per person or household . They got to the lady in front of me to give her a ticket and she complained that she need 3 tickets cuz her son and daughter stepped out of line to get warm, they gave her 3 tickets and I was next  they had no more, well me and the people behind me were very upset because we stood out in the cold why did she get special treatment, then we see her kids were only about 14 and 15 years old so she was having them buy the other tvs so she got 3. I hardly think that was fair that was the only reason I stood for hours in that line .. NOT HAPPY WITH BEST BUY!

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Re: How Long Would I Have To Wait In Line For Best Buy Black Friday to get the..... ?

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Re: How Long Would I Have To Wait In Line For Best Buy Black Friday to get the..... ?

Hi Best Buy Support Online Forum Community Friends,


Black Friday is coming up fast this year, and Minnesota is got it’s first official snow of the year last night! Whether, you’ve got your eye on a new 4k TV or a bundled TV & gaming console you may have a few questions about how this crazy sale works.


Standing in line waiting isn’t a fun process, and I can’t recommend a good time to jump in line to be guaranteed a product. I can, however, provide you more insight into our ticketing process plus some other need to know bits that can make your shopping experience a smashing hit this year!


Depending on factors like the length of the line, weather, and staffing levels; each store can start the ticketing process as early as 2 hours prior to the store opening for select store-opening Doorbusters.  Each customer is eligible to receive one ticket per doorbuster item, and up to ten tickets for different doorbuster items. You can learn more about ticketing here


Rainchecks aren’t going to be available on these sales, but please check out for other availability.  


If you’re going to wait in line here’s some helpful tips!

  1. Wear comfortable shoes, and clothing.
  2. Hot Beverages like coffee, or coco are always a good idea.
  3. Snacks are a must have too!
  4. Small children may not be up to this quest, and may be happier at home.
  5. A good game of Eye Spy can really make the time go by.
  6. Be kind to those around you. (Best Buy can and will cancel ticketing and break up line formation if customer participation is deemed unlawful by local law enforcement agencies or is deemed dangerous at the manager’s discretion.)


Keeping an eye on is also a great choice as tickets aren’t required there, and inventory will be available for all products that do not list in-store only on them in our Black Friday Ad. Often times we may have Beat the Black Friday Rush Sales, and Deal of Days leading up to Black Friday where you can purchase Black Friday priced items including doorbusters!


You can see more information, and details in our Black Friday FAQ for the questions this may not have answered. For fun here’s a History of Black Friday at Best Buy!


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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