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Hook up for the Sony HT-XT1

I don't know how I lost my entire message but I did so I will get tight to the point.  I have this system in the Living room so I am familiar with it somewhat.  But I don't have  anything in the living room that needs to be hooked up by component.  So I was wondering if this is what I do to watch the DVD

All the HDMI cables are High speed.

The TV, Cable Box and the Roku are plugged into the Sony.  The Sony remote is where I change the input.  but the VHS/DVD is hooked up to the TV by component cables.

So do I just change the TV to Component when I want to watch a DVD.  But I wanted to know if the sound for the DVD playing was coming out of the Sony or so I have to turn my TV speakers back on to watch a movie.

If someone knows a better way to hook this up please tell me.  That's why I am here.

Also does anyone know the reason that the serial number would be crossed out if the system is refurbished and sold through the Marketplace.  I can't see why it would be.


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Re: Hook up for the Sony HT-XT1

Hi Lainie,


Thank you for reaching out to us for advice on connecting your items. I understand that when you start to integrate component enabled devices it can start to get confusing as there isn’t really a standard plug and go function on your Sony HT-XT1.


You could leave everything how you have it now, and just listen to your DVD’s through your TV’s sound.


Or you can get an Optical Digital Audio cable which takes the sound away from your TV and puts it to the Sony HT-XT1 when watching your DVDs. The TV, and your sound system would be set different inputs to make that work option work.


If you aren’t a fan of that option, if your TV still has an aux port for headphones you’d be able to run a 3.5 mm male to male cable into the analog input in the back of your Sony HT-XT1 from your TV. This would only carry the sound too just like the Optical Digital Audio option, and you’d use different inputs on the TV and the sound system.


Please let me know if you have any questions about those recommendations.


Warm Regards,


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Re: Hook up for the Sony HT-XT1

Sounds like a good sound addition to you system.


I have my home theater system hooked up with everything feeding directly into my TV.


Then I have the Audio Out from the TV feeding into my receiver (or in your case the Sony HT-XT1) 


That way all I switch is the input to the tv with the TV remote.



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