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Home Theater not working with ps3

I have a 46" panasonic plasma, Panasonic 5.1 home theater system, HD cable box, and a PS3. I have both the home theater and PS3 running with HDMI cables.  I have 2 digitical optical cables but have yet to find a configuration in which i can watch regular tv with the surround and also play the playstation with the surround. The surround sound is currently working with the hd cable box.  The digital optical cables are currently ran from the hd cable box to home theater, and playstation to tv. All 4 components (tv, home theater, cable box, and ps3) all have only one digital optical output. Any suggestions?  


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Re: Home Theater not working with ps3

Check your "Sound Settings" on the PS3. Make sure you have it on Optical rather that HDMI.
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Re: Home Theater not working with ps3

sounds like the panasonic sound system is not connected correctly read manual