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Home Theater Upgrade?

I have an old home with a newer addition. The addition has in-ceiling speakers, but that is found no where else. I'd like to upgrade my whole audio system so that I can easily integrate with my computer and my iPod where I get great music off of Pandora or other such sites, and be able to listen to music in different parts of the house. Are there wireless speakers that could work in the older part of the house? What else would I need?


I don't really know where to start or what type of budget I might need to begin. Suggestions?

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Re: Home Theater Upgrade?

Hey JLeigh,


Excellent question!  First of all, in order for your home theater system and computer to be connected you’ll need both devices to have one of the two following connection types: digital coaxial or digital optical audio.  These connections can generally be found on the back of either piece of equipment, and are often labeled for easy identification.  Generally, it’s recommended that you use two connections of the same type, but adaptors do exist that allow you to use one of each type if necessary.  Both digital coaxial and digital optical audio cables should be widely available through local retailers, but be warned there may be a significant difference in price between cable types of the same length.


Once you’ve gotten your home theater system and computer connected, your computer should essentially be able to use the home theater as a set of expansion speakers, while the receiver itself may require some fine-tuning in order to maximize sound quality.  Your iPod can then link to either device through the assistance of an iPod docking station or USB docking cable.


The next step is to decide where you want additional speakers placed in your home.  If all you’re looking to do is bring music into one room of the house, you should only need one set of wireless speakers.  On the other hand, if you want to have music filling every room you walk into you’ll need multiple sets and an audio switch.  Your computer sends the audio signal to your receiver, the receiver sends the signal to the switch, the switch then sends it to each set of wireless speakers, and…voila!  You have the same music playing in multiple rooms.


There is however one limitation that I would strongly suggest keeping in mind: wireless speakers are not often sold in pairs, and may need to be purchased individually.  Unfortunately, this means that the costs to implement a whole-house solution can easily become a daunting task, especially if you’re working with a fixed budget.


For more information, I would strongly suggest speaking with a home audio specialist at your local Best Buy ® store.  They should be able to provide you with a number of options, as well as provide additional suggestions to better suit your needs.




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Re: Home Theater Upgrade?

there are a few products you should look into - sonos and squeeze box

both are great for digital music and integrating into your home theater system.