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Help with speaker to TV set up

Hi guys,

Some help here would be greatly appreciated. All I want to do is set up my PC speakers to my TV. I have L and R desk speakers and one sub.

I've little knowledge of the inputs and outputs/digital & analogue stuff that goes into setting up speakers. Can one of you please let me know which option would be best given the details below?

Speaker has

  • 3.5m (aux) out

  • RCA out

TV has:

  • HDMI

  • 3.5 (aux)

  • Optical

  • I don't think it has an RCA in, looks to me like this is only an RCA out (does in / out matter??)

Thank you 

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Re: Help with speaker to TV set up

Are your PC Speakers powered with an internal amplifier?


Are you certain the speaker has 3.5 mm and RCA outputs, they should be inputs.


If they are inputs you shoud be able to connect them with the 3.5 mm. Thought the 3.5 mm coming out of your TV is intended for headphones and probalby won't have the power to drive the speakers unless they have their own amp.


If your TV has an RCA out, you should be able to connect it ot the RCA inputs on your speakers. 


What brand and model are the speakers?

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