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Help upgrading from Denon s900

Im a next gen gamer and I plan to get a LG CX or Samsung Q99T soon. I need a new receiver. I currently have a 5.1 setup. Id like the new receiver to do up to 7.1 in case I want to uograde on the future. It seems most 2020 receivers have the HDMI 2.1 issue so i was considering the Yamaha TSR 700 due to price and features. I would hook up my devices to the TV and my TV to the receiver. For nonhdmi 2.1 devices is that safe to hook straight to receiver? Thoughts? Any suggestions? Id like to keep cost under 600. Thanks.

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Re: Help upgrading from Denon s900

Before you upgrade to a 7.1


Can you set up the 7.1 in your gaming area?  Probably not an issue as they simply go to your right and left even with  your ears.


I have a Yamaha 7.1 and it sounds amazing.  I don't know what the model number is but it has been discontinued. 


I previous home theater situtaions I did it as you are proposing.


With my Yamaha I have everything plugged into the receiver. It is imporant to use HDMI Arc.  


What is slick, when you turn on or activate a device it automatically switches the receiver. 


I have never had an issue with HDMI.  Most of the issues I have read about were with Xbox, so it may be an Xbox issue

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