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HIred for home theater help/questions

I went in for a group interview with 2 other people for Merchandising Specialist. Was far most experienced and qualified. Was told numerous times I like your answer, firm handshakes bla bla

I get a call about a hour and a half later. Told "We were impressed by your interview we would like to offer a spot for Home Theater.

I said yes, I have a interview tomorrow for the position. (Gotta solidify whats mine)

Questions are

What should I ask for pay?

What products are hot sellers/easy to pitch

Sale tactics

I have worked retail for awhile. Have people skills, I am confident, and love working and am never afraid to ask questions. I consider myself very fair.

Advice guys? (Especially about the asking wage)

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Re: HIred for home theater help/questions

Do you have a career or job center in your area? These facilities are most helpful when it comes to pre-interview and post interview situations you may be nervous about. 


There are also websites out there that can compare average hourly wages compared to other jobs similar in fashion and so forth. Depending on your locale you should always be guaranteed the minimum wage.TV and Home Theater is a very important position as you're helping customers determine the right technology for them and helping them setup installation appointments in home for an optimal experience that will keep them coming back to the store to buy more technology. 


Just do some research online but most importantly be yourself. You can look online at for the most top rated popular products and go from there. Not all products are going to be sold in the stores but you also have the option to help a customer place an order online if you feel one you saw on the site would be a better match for them than what was seen in store. 

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Re: HIred for home theater help/questions

If they ask for a starting salary you want to be both realistic and not greedy.


They are not going to give you a great salary until you prove yourself and show that your going to stick around.


I would bet the minimum starting wage for a full time associate is going to be around $20 and $14 to $15 for part time. 


IF youy position is Full Time

I would go something like 

I know I have to prove my worth to Best Buy, but I would be comfortable starting at $22 per hour and I will work my way up from there. Though you should also let them know your ok with starting at their standard starting wage for full time.  Chances are they already have a starting wage they are going to offer you. The quesiton is kind of a trick question, where you don't want to come across greedy or ho hum


If your part time they probably won't even ask.


In Home Theater.  Hot products are in 2 categories.  POS products that don't cost a lot that many people gravitate to because of their price point. 


Non POS products would be the OLED TV's and component Home Theather audio products. 

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