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HDTV Buying advice

I will be purchasing a HDTV in the next couple months.  I have narrowed it down to a 40 or 42 inch Sony with 1080p / 120 hz.  Can anyone give any advice on which model I should buy?  I plan to use it for normal cable w/ some HD channels, and also hooked up to a PS3 for some gaming but mostly for blu ray.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: HDTV Buying advice

I believe you have narrowed down your choices to pretty much their W,Z, or XBR series since their S and V series do not offer 120hz....
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Re: HDTV Buying advice

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Do you know the main differences between the  W, Z, and XBR.... besides the prices? I'm just looking for great picture quality.
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Re: HDTV Buying advice

Hey Crt2169,


I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your initial post.  We appreciate your patience as our community forums have only been active for a limited number of weeks.  We are trying to provide our customers with a place where they can openly engage in product and policy discussions, hopefully without always needing guidance from one of the forum’s moderators.  Of course, we are here to participate in the conversation and help out as much as possible!


One of the largest differences between the W, Z and XBR model lines (aside from pricing) is generally considered to be the contrast ratio offered on each model.  The XBR series currently offers dynamic contrast ratios around 50,000:1 on many models, compared to the 30,000:1 typically seen within the W and Z model lines.  What this means is that XBR models are normally capable of rendering more subtle lighting differences in the same images than their W and Z counterparts.


Remember though that it’s generally recommended to make first-hand, side-by-side comparisons before you make any kind of TV purchase.  Just because one model may appear to have more impressive hardware specifications than another does not necessarily mean that it will work better for you.  To give you a specific example, when I purchased my KDL-52W3000 earlier this year, I compared it to a similar XBR model available at the same store.  While the XBR may have had top-of-the-line specifications, it was two minor details – speaker placement and the coloration of the case itself - that ultimately helped me decide which to purchase.


Were there two or three specific models that you were looking at?  Does anyone else have any recommendations for Crt2169?




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Re: HDTV Buying advice

I am comparing the three.... W, Z, and XBR.  I'm basically trying to figure out which model is the best bang for the price and for what I want.  I am just looking for great picture quality especially for blu ray DVDs.  I am close to purchasing a W series because it is cheaper.  I just do not know if it is worth paying more for the Z and XBR.  I heard that the W series has a tendancy for the screen to "hesitate" while playing blu rays.  Does the Z or XBR do this?  Or has anyone heard anything or experienced anything different with a W series?
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