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HD Satellitee for Dish Network

Hello all. I have the Dish and was wondering what type of satellite I need to get other local channels in HD that the Dish doesn't offer?
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Re: HD Satellitee for Dish Network

Hey, that’s an excellent question!


If you’re not already receiving all of your locally broadcast, high-definition TV stations through your satellite provider, you may wish to consider purchasing an ATSC digital tuner.  While these tuners are generally factory-installed into many HDTV’s, they can just as easily be found as set-top boxes or built into newer DVD recorders.  Most major retailers – including your local Best Buy® store – generally carry a decent selection of these types of items.


Please keep in mind though that ATSC digital tuners are *not* the same thing as DTV converter boxes.  DTV converter boxes simply “downgrade” standard digital signals to analog for older TV’s, but ATSC tuners are designed so that HDTV’s are able to receive over-the-air, high-definition programming without the need for a cable box or satellite dish.




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