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Going to buy a TV - Do you benefit if i buy in store vs in-store pickup?

I know sales staff don't get commissions, so I was wondering if there's any benefit to you if I buy it at the store vs choosing in-store pickup online. Also, can you hold one of the TVs for me if I call ahead?

Also wondering if due to the extended return period, there's also extended price protection past 15 days?


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Re: Going to buy a TV - Do you benefit if i buy in store vs in-store pickup?

The return window has been extended for the holidays so per Best Buy policy your price match is valid through the return window. You can only request one price match per item. 


Some people don't like to shop in the store because even though pandemic restrictions have eased for many locales, they feel comfortable with curbside pickup. So you can expedite your shopping experience by chatting online or on these forums for advice and then placing an order online for pickup. 


Items are sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you want an item "held" you will need to place an order for pickup. You are under no obligation to buy the item once at the store, if you wish to look at it first you can in the TV isle and if it's not what you expected you can have an associate cancel your order and you can buy the right TV in store. 


Please note placing an item for in store pickup will result in an authorization hold on your debit or credit card.


FYI All other return policy exceptions and exclusions apply

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