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Dynex TV reception problem

Love my TV. However have had pixel breakup & audio breakup lately on channel 50.1, .2, .4 over antenna. It is annoying. When I key in channel, the channel number box appears in upper right of screen as usual for several seconds. Instead of the audio/vidio staring up, the screen goes gray & the channel info box dissappears. If I click + or -  channel on set or remote, it switches to new channel. I switch back to original choice & everything works --for awhile. Then it goes blank again. Or a pixel scramble appears & audio is garbled then screen goes gray. It only happens on this channel. Is some switch or part dying? Can it be fixed?

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Re: Dynex TV reception problem

Try to unplug your TV for about an hour and then plug it back in. Also, sometimes the Dynex website has downloads that you can put on a USB stick and insert into the Service Port to update the televisions firmware. Totally depends on your model though.

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