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Dynex TV Remote Codes

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I recently received a Dynex DX-R24TV as a gift (purchased by my parents just over 30 days ago now sadly) and it seems the sensor on the TV for the remote control won't pick anything up.  When I first got it, we took it out of the box and set it up to make sure it was ok, and it is, all the buttons on the tv work and the connections work, but we didn't bother with the remote, not thinking that would be a problem.  Now I've just set it up at my apartment finally, and found out that the remote the TV came with had no effect.  So I got a GE universal remote, tried a ton of codes for the recommended brands, but still nothing.  Any help?  Can it still be exchangeable/repairable/eligible for store credit given the TV box and receipt is a 5 hour drive away?  I should be able to get a copy of the receipt, but it will be a couple months before I'm able to go home to get the box...  Also if someone knows of a remote code that should work, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you!
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Re: Dynex TV Remote Codes

Go to, click on universal remote codes, and it will prompt you for tv, providers, remotes, etc.