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Distribution systems

Hi I'm new here
Was wondering what the right thread was for a question on a sat/tv/fm distribution system in fact is this the right forum for such a question?
Apologies to all if it isn't.




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Re: Distribution systems

Well the questions was simply about using a Triax 103T modulator to get an RF2 outlet to feed via an uplink a distribution amp in the loft.
There is only 1 HDMI input to be fed from an HDMI source and in my case I have 2 sources :FreeSat box and Blu Ray player.
Would I be right in thinking that is not possible to be able to watch Blu Ray on a remote tv whilst watching satellite tv on the local tv i.e. 1 modulator for 1 HDMI source.
To change from Blu Ray to Sat or vice versa I would have to unplug source 1 and then plug in source 2 on the HDMI input on the modulator. Is it possible to use an HDMI switch in circuit here to make this task a little easier to accomplish?
The only way to overcome this I think would be to buy 2 modulators, 1 for each source or a multiple HDMI input modulator then combine the 2 RF2 outputs into 1 to feed up to the distribution amp up in loft and then out to the remote tv's, an expensive job either way.........................
I would appreciate any comments.




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Re: Distribution systems

Hi there, frankynowell,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community!


It seems like you're on the right track and asking great questions, but I'd be happy to provide some further support. 


For trying to switch between your Blu Ray player and satellite box, trying an HDMI Switch Box would be a great product to use to make that happen. I'm familiar with our Rocketfish 4-Port 4K HDMI Switch Box Black, which should automatically detect which source you're wanting to use and switch between them. That said, we also have a lot of other great options of HDMI Switch Boxes to choose from, which I linked you to above!


I think going that route will meet your needs and be a less expensive solution, but if it isn't working with the products the way you're wanting, your second idea should definitely do the trick. However, going that route can be a pricier option, as you mentioned.


I hope that helps!





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