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Display/open box LG 7300 will not factory reset

I purchased an LG 7300 display tv and I cannot get it to factory reset. I have made sure it is on home mode, connected it to internet and tried to do updates, but no luck. I am super frustrated and about to return the darn thing. It always reverts back to the demo settings every time I turn the tv off. I just don’t understand
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Re: Display/open box LG 7300 will not factory reset

What you're doing sounds like power cycling, not factory resetting.  What's wrong with the TV?


You can try to type in the full model number of your TV on LG's support site to get the full user manual, which should outline how to perform a factory reset step-by-step.

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Re: Display/open box LG 7300 will not factory reset

Tried to Factory reset how the manual stated and no luck.
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Re: Display/open box LG 7300 will not factory reset

Hi there, Javina2583,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! We know that getting a new TV is a big decision, so we are honored that you decided to make this purchase with us. However, the experience you have described sounds like a far cry from the one we wanted for you.


As someone who is a big fan of curling up on the couch and relaxing by watching TV, I can understand how your TV going back to the demo settings every time you turn it on would be less than ideal! I know I'd want that sorted out as well. 


While I wish that the factory reset had done the trick, I'm glad you reached out to keep us updated! Have you checked out our Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide? If you haven't yet, I recommend giving those troubleshooting ideas a try, as they can correct a variety of TV concerns. 


If those tips still don't correct the issue, can you provide me with the model number for your LG TV, as well as elaborate on the issues you've been having and what you've tried? Once I have that info, I can better look into other troubleshooting ideas to try for your device.







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