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Digital Stations Weak

My digital TV stations work properly when I watch them without my Sony surround sound turned on.  When I try to watch the digital channel with the surround sound on, the station becomes blurry and eventually the station turns blank with a weak signal icon that appears.  If I turn the surround sound unit off, it becomes perfectly fine.  I use a digital audio optical cable to connect my Samsung TV to the Sony surround sound.  Any ideas on what the problem is?
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Re: Digital Stations Weak

That sounds like you are having some electrical interference problems with the electronics in your surround system.


Try moving all video cables as far away from the surround system as possible.


If you are routing the video cable through the receiver, try routing the video cable directly to the TV.


If using a cable or satellite receiver, move it away from the surround system.


If you use an over the air antenna then make sure that the coax cable is also away from all other cables.


If it is impossible to move the cables away from the others, then make sure that the video cable crosses all other cables at 90 degrees to minimize interference.


Hope this helps...

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Re: Digital Stations Weak

I bought an amplified RCA antenna and that solved my over the air digital reception issue.
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