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Delivery Problems

I recently ordered a television and I was told I'd get a phone call within 24 hours of delivery to let me know what time it would come.


First, I emailed customer support, but the response was that I wouldn't hear anything back within 24 hours b/c of high demand.


I hadn't heard anything yet (4:30) the day prior to delivery.  I called 888-bestbuy and was told that there wasn't a set time yet, but that they should be calling me.  I asked for the delivery company name and number.  I was told it was Ros Delivery Company and given a local number.  However, I called that number, but it was disconnected. 



I called the 888 # again, told them my problem, after being left on hold for 10 minutes, they gave me another local #. 


I called it, and it just rings and rings and rings. 


All I want to know is when my tv is going to be delivered so I can take off of work accordingly. 

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Re: Delivery Problems

Best Buy has limited control over ROS delivery's. These types of delivery's are simply provided so the customer can recieve the product as quickly as possible.


Other then calling the local #, there really is not anything you can do.

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Re: Delivery Problems

Hey nchap2,

In most instances, Best Buy® will contact its customers by 8:00pm local time the day before a delivery takes place.  If you have not been contacted by that time though, remember that you can always call your local delivery warehouse or 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289) for more information about the delivery.  Regardless of which party you choose to contact, a representative should be able to provide you with additional information.  Please keep in mind though that you’ll want to have your Customer Service PIN number handy if the order was placed through one of our stores (or your order number if the order was placed online) on top of your ROS order number.


Hope this helps you out!

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Re: Delivery Problems

If you hire a subcontactor to deliver your merchandise then your responsible for them. The y didn't call me either. Next time I'll go to sear! Stop making excuses for running a terrible online business and hire a competent delivery service!
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Re: Delivery Problems

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I feel your pain.  ROS is horible and trying to get anything solved via BestBuy's customer service is a waste of time.


They will put you on hold or hang up on you and not solve a thing.  I truly wish Best Buy nothing but the worst.  I read all the BB sucks comments and posts, but the great price and great financing gets me.  Then they waste 2 days of my time and blow me off repeatedly then offer a gift card.  What a joke. Take your $$$ elsewhere everyone.  Believe it.

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