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DYNEX TV - DXLCD32-09 / sound is not clear it is muffled

I have comcast cable and the only connection I have is electric cord and the cable box.  The sound is not good.  I have done all the resets and all I found.  How can I fix this sound.  A friend just gave me this TV mine quit after 27 years.


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Re: DYNEX TV - DXLCD32-09 / sound is not clear it is muffled

Hey MonHay,


That’s very sweet of your buddy to give you a TV to use since yours went kaput after 25 years; which that’s a remarkable period of time to have a TV for!


I did a little research on your model, and I can see it’s a model doesn’t have any major reported defects. So that’s great news for us, and I’m happy to help you to try to remedy your sound issue.


During my research, I can see that the TV has component, composite, HDMI, and S-Video inputs for you to be able to connect to. What connections does your cable box have?


To learn more about those connections your new TV has, and which ones can carry sound check out our What connections are behind my HDTV?  post that I updated recently.


Please let me know if you have any questions after reviewing that article, and I’d be happy to help you answer them.


I hope that helps point you in the correct direction! 


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