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DVD player requiring one HDMI??

I recently moved into a new apartment that came with a smart tv mounted on the wall that I cannot move. I want to hook up a DVD player to it, but I can't reach the colored holes where the dvd cords go since it's close to the wall. However, there is a HDMI cable that was already plugged in. Is there a type of DVD player that only requires an HDMI plug in?

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Re: DVD player requiring one HDMI??

You cannot buy a DVD player today that does not have an HDMI output.


Conversely it would be very hard to find one that has anything other than HDMI


There are not a lot of DVD players actually available anymore.  Most of what you will find are Blu-Ray players.


Most Blu-Ray players will be able to play your old DVD's


Below is a good example and at a decent price. I have a Sony Blu Ray player that I purchased in 2009 and it is still working great. 


Sony Blu-Ray Player

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