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DVD Recordings

I would like to record some programs from the television and put them on DVD. My interest is to save programs like political debates and educational information.


What equipment will I need? I have a DVR and computer. Everytime I ask this question at various electronic stores I get a blank look!


I would also like to record Youtube videos. Is there a specific program for that?





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Re: DVD Recordings

Hey Snodster,


In order to transfer any information from your DVR onto a DVD you will probably need one of two things: either a dedicated DVD recorder or a video capture card on your home computer.  Both function in a way similar to a VCR, allowing users to record TV programs onto removable media.  There are however, two problems that you may encounter.


First, many DVR models that are currently offered by cable and satellite service providers within the United States will generally include some kind of built-in digital rights management (DRM) feature or other similar protections.  Such safeguards are meant to prevent the transfer - and duplication - of copyrighted material to any unauthorized device.


Please keep in mind that while there may be some DVR models commercially available that do not include DRM protection, it is usually considered to be a violation of intellectual property copyright laws to circumvent it where it exists.


Second, many cable and satellite service providers will place an additional level of encryption onto any programs they broadcast.  This encryption also prevents unauthorized devices from being able to properly display images without the assistance of a cable box or satellite receiver.


It all boils down to this: if a program that you want to transfer to a DVD is copyrighted, chances are that you may not be able to do so.


Additionally, YouTube unfortunately does not currently support a feature that allows its users to download content from their website.  For more information regarding their policies, I would strongly suggest visiting that company’s support site for further information.




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