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Couldn't order a tv online at special price-glitch in their delivery info!

On Cyber Monday I found a tv I wanted to buy at a special price.  All local Milwaukee stores were out but stores near Green Bay had them.  Anyways, I tried to place an order online and the computer said something like "delivery price info is currently not available.  Check back...blah blah blah".  I called my dad and asked him to go online and try.  Same thing.  We called the store at Mayfair Mall and they said to try going into a store in the morning (as it was close to closing time when I called) and tell them what happened and we could get the price. 


So, since I had to work the next day, my dad offered to do that for me.  Guess what?  THey wouldn't honor the price!  One-day only sale they said!  Yeah, no kidding, but Best Buy had a computer problem the evening of the special so I couldn't get it online!


I cannot support this store anymore.  I've had it for the final time with their customer service and switch and bait and every other crappy line or gimmick they have.

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Re: Couldn't order a tv online at special price-glitch in their delivery info!

Online prices change very often. In the future, you can go to any store and they can match online prices, if the item is out of stock, they can also order the product.


As for honoring the online price, a store should not have a problem doing that. In the future it may be a good idea to get a name of a Home Theater employee, a manager, or a supervisor that will be working the time you plan on coming in the next day. I understand you would not know this, but this is to help you in the future.


The issue is, from the store point of view, a person is coming into the store saying "I want the TV for this price. Thats what it was online last night" The problem is, there is no way to verify that, there is also no way to verify that you had called the night before explaining the problem you were having.


Hope this helps with any future problems.

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Re: Couldn't order a tv online at special price-glitch in their delivery info!

Tinker is correct... I work for BestBuy in the Home theater dept and the only thing I can tell you is that if you see something you like online and dont want any kind of problems getting the item print out the sale you see and thenbring that into the store with you that day!! They will honor it if you bring it with you because they would love to show that "they" sold that TV or whatever it is rather then the warehouse or online ad! Numbers are huge to this company.. Usually the price isnt as important to them as much as the amount of units they sold each day! Another little tip is that all bestbuy personell can access their add from most of the regsters in the store except the ones in the very front.. So if you forgot to bring it with you then ask them to look it up for themselves in the Home Theater dept.. If they dnt honor it then ask to speak to a store manager or go even higher then that! They do want your repeat buisness so most time you shouldnt have a problem unless the price goes way below the price in which the store itself payed for it! They will make up that money lost in acessories like HDMI cables and what not!