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Connection Bedlam

There is probably no way to describe this on here but I am going ot give it a try.


I have a satelite reciever from Direct TV. This has the old standard red white and yellow connections. One audio red and white and an option for up to 2 videos. (2 yellow, one red one white). It alsohas an Svideo connection.


I have a DVD VCR combination

VCR side has a RWY connection that goes to the TV without any confusion. 

DVD side has componenents which go to TV without any issues. 


There are 2 issues (well major ones). 

 The satelite has only the composite connections

The TV has only RGB connections. This connection cannot be made unless the component cables are okay to use with the composite make up. 


If that is indeed possible I need to know how to match up the RGB with the RWY color scheme. 

That is issue number 1. 


Issue number 2:

Satelite reciever has a place for the satelite in and for out to tv. The satelite in part is fine, and the out to tv part is fine BUT


The VCR has a space for 

In from Antena and

out to TV


This is confusing as heck. There is only one satelite connection and that is on the satelite reciever, therefore the in from antena piece is confusing. Additionally the out to TV piece is confusing for the same reasons. 


I am honestly going nuts because it seems I constantly need cables that are different than what I have.


I am not even positive I asked all the questions I need to ask but I believe I have. 

Component to composite: how? is it even possible?

An additional in and out from antena that I have no idea what to do with or how to hook up or even if I need to. 


For anyone who has made it this far, thank you!



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Re: Connection Bedlam

Hi, your post is kinda confusing, at least to me. You said your TV has only component input(RGB) yet you stated that your VCR/DVD combo is connected to your TV using composite cables (RWY). And why you have two connections from your DVD/VCR combo to your TV (component and composite). Please clarify before i can help you out. thanks.Smiley Happy And no you cannot connect composite to component connection or vise versa without using a converter.

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Re: Connection Bedlam

I think I did contradict myself, I looked again.


The TV has 3 connections in:

one RWY and two RGB. 


The VCR is connected via the RWY

the DVD is connected via RGB on both ends

The Satelite has RWY and the connection for the TV is RGB. That is the line that needs conversion and I think that is easily solved now that I know it must be converted. 


That leaves the problem of the antennas

I have the satelite line coming in on one coaxial connection to the satelite box

I have  one coaxiel connection from the satelite box to the TV(ant/cable) That is currently in place.This bypasses the VCR compeltely.


From the VCR I have one in from antenna- this is not hooked up. 

I have one out to TV- this is not hooked up-- this one would also have to go into the place for ant/cable.


this tells me that at some point the TV and VCR will need to be connected in some fasion to get both to work appropriately. This confuses me as it seems there is one cord missing. I can't have the satelite go into both boxes, nor should it have to happen that way. This makes me a tad lost. This is the remaining problem. 


Thanks for your help so far Smiley Happy




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Re: Connection Bedlam

Why dont you connect it this way.

Your VCR/DVD combo should be able to ouput to either coax/component/or composite connection. Component connection would be the preffered way. Tune your TV to channel 3, VCR/DVD combo coax out to channel 3. Your be able to watch satellite feed and record it thru your VCR this way.  For watching VCR or DVD, just switch your TV input to RGB input (could be video 1,2 or 3 depending on your TV). Hope that helps.