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Connecting surround sound speakers to TV

I have a Samsung LED TV Series 6 6300. I don't have cable just an antenna. I've connected surround sound speakers as instructed but their is no sound coming from the speakers. I've tried changing the sound setting to external speakers but that didn't work. There is a woofer with the speakers.

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Re: Connecting surround sound speakers to TV

What is the make and model of your surround speakers?


How are your speakers connected?

  • RCA?
  • HDMI?
  • S/PDIF optical?


Things to check for....

  • What is your surround speaker input set to?  Is it HDMI? S/PDIF?
  • check the volume setting.  Hope it's not too low.  Try to turn the TV down to hear the speakers.



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Re: Connecting surround sound speakers to TV


Samsung 6 series TV.  What an amazing purchase.  My apologies if you have done this already but just trying to troubleshoot.


To turn off the TV's speakers, set Speaker List (TOOLS Speaker List) to something other than TV Speaker


Digital audio is only available with 5.1-channel broadcasts on this TV.  Try changing the channel to an HD broadcast on a network station.  Or if you have a blu-ray player that supports 5.1 hook that up and see if you get sound.


some laptops with hdmi output can produce 5.1

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