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Combo DVD/VHS player not working right with new Sharp Roku Smart TV

Hi. I purchased a new Roku Smart TV - Sharp 32 inch, model no. LC-32LB601U  - from Best Buy at the beginning of November.  It's my first Smart TV and it's been a bit challenging figuring out all the ins and outs of setting up everything but I thought I had it all figured out until this morning when I encountered something that has me completely stumped. I would really appreciate any help in solving this.
I have a Toshiba DVD/VHS combo attached. The model number is SD-V295. I have it hooked up with the 3 wires in back - white, yellow and red. There is no HDMI port on the VCR/DVD player so don't have any other option and they are hooked into the only three corresponding ports on the television. I set up the DVD choice on the Smart TV a while ago and it's worked fine until this morning when I tried to play an old VHS Christmas tape and I can't get any sound, only video. I tried several other tapes just to be sure it wasn't that tape. It seems like the TV is not picking up audio from the VCR. I really don't think the problem is with the VCR heads, as I recently had watched it with the old TV just before it was replaced. 
Shortly after this, I tried playing several different DVDs that have been burned -- i.e., not store-bought DVDs.  They play perfectly in my other DVD player and use to play perfectly in this player as well but now the player is unable to read them and I receive an error message when I try to play them.
To sum up, the only thing I am now able to play in my combo DVD/VCR player is store-bought DVDs.  I am unable to play any VHS tapes -- store bought or ones I have made -- because I am not getting any sound, and I am unable to play any burned DVDs that play fine in my other machine.  I can't say for sure but it seems that this new television is affecting how the DVD/VHS player reads the media.
Does anyone have any advice as to what I might be doing wrong or what I can do to fix this? Thank you.
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Re: Combo DVD/VHS player not working right with new Sharp Roku Smart TV

Hi there, blaze2012,


Welcome to our Best Buy community forum! We know that watching those home videos are important, so I can understand why you'd be concerned when the volume isn't working on those tapes after setting it up your VHS/DVD player to your new Sharp 32" Roku Smart TV.


Since you recently were able to watch VHS home videos on your VCR I'm thinking the problem could be that it isn't set-up correctly to your new TV. If you'd like to have a Geek Squad Agent come out to your home to set that up for you, we do offer On-Site Video Device Setup as a service. 


Otherwise, if you feel that the issue could be with the TV, it might be a good idea to connect with Sharp to see if a VHS player would be supported on that model.



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