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Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

The only place in my living room to mount my TV is above my mantel on my brick fireplace.   I never use my fireplace.  Can this be done?
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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

yeppers, you just need to use masonry(brick/concrete) anchors, probably cost you <$8.....


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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

I am sure Best Buy would be more than happy to unleash the Geek Squad to take your money for hanging it there...and ask for extra if you actually want it functional.


Hire a private contractor.  NEVER NEVER NEVER hire Geek Squad.

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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

When you drill thru bricks, use masonry bit and avoid drilling close to it's edge they tend to crack. Geek Squad...hahahahaha. NO
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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

hahaha.....BB wants like $300-500 to mount a TV on the wall......hire someone....or do it yourself, its not very hard and will probably take 30-60min(depends how tool savy you are) I mounted my 42", and ran a new electrical line and hid the wire(cut out wall and ran HDMI thru the wall, all in about 2hrs.....I did tie the electrical into an existing line....a whole new circuit woulda been longer....Smiley Happy
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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

Best Buy offers a service called an "In home consultation." I would HGHLY recommend it. Its going to cost $99 but when you make your home theater purchase over $499 you will get the $99 back.


With an in home consultation, the Geek Squad will come out to your house and make a recommendation based on the walls/room. Plus they can answer any questions you may have in terms of mouting the tv on brick.  


Its always best to have a professional mount a tv!


Good luck!

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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

Be careful on the $99 refund on the purchase over $499.  The coupon I got said it was good for your next "home theater purchase".  When I tried to use mine to buy a surge protector from the Magnolia dept. and a blu ray player from the "blu ray dept.", a manager wanted to deny my coupon because she said the blu ray player was not home theater!  Wasted 30 minutes before they could get another manager who could recognize that a blu ray player was considered a "home theater" purchase. 


As for the home theater consultation overall:

Geek Squad never delivered the complete proposal package. Was supposed to get a diagram, but never received it. Was supposed to get an explanation of the abbreviated items in the proposal, never got one. After two email follow-ups and two in-store visits requesting the diagram and the explanations, never got either. Just a eager beaver salesman who wanted to keep setting up the appointment for the installation, even though I couldn't tell what items were in the proposal! Proposal was for over $8,600.00. I said forget it, GS service was too poor on this consultation to justify spending that amount without proper and complete explanations. Ended up doing it myself for less than half that amount. 

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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

I dont know that you should say never. Sometimes the prices for the services can seem high but at least there is more going along with it.


For example, the geeksquad installers are insured, and are very experienced with doing installations. When I say insured I would check with whoever you hire because if they are in your attic and accidentally put their foot through the ceiling who knows how long it will take to get money from them. The same goes if they mount the TV and the TV falls off the wall you better be sure you can get back in touch with that private contractor who never has to answer the phone again. On the opposite side of this with geeksquad you have somewhere to go if something goes wrong and you know that you are not liable if something happens that is related to the installation. You also have a year guarantee on the install, plenty of people come into the store who have issues with something not working correctly and the people who had it installed leave happier then the ones who dont more times than not.


So before saying never I would remember that at least there is a big company standing behind these installers and these installers do anywhere from 1 big job to 8 jobs a day, all home theater related..They know what they are doing and they can do it quickly and professionals.

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Re: Can you mount a TV on a brick fireplace?

Mounting a TV just looks classier, and can really make a space look bigger too! Mounting is possible above a fireplace, but depending on the materials it may cost a tad more. At this time the cost for a Basic TV Mounting Service is $129.99, and a Premium TV Mounting Service is $199.99. You can compare the two services here. An additional fee will be accessed if you choose to mount the TV in a material other than drywall.


We highly recommend scheduling a free In-Home Consultation to learn if Geek Squad would be able to mount your TV for you. Please note this is a different service than what NicolleHTPRO had recommended back in 2009. You’re welcome to visit the links noted above, or let us know if you have any further questions.

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