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Can't get one local channel.

I cut the cord to cable, I bought a Mohi Leaf 50 antenna from my local Best Buy. I live in Phoenix and I can get all local stations except Channel 12 which is NBC. I've moved the antenna all over my living room with no luck on 12. I Googled the question and it said Channel 12 local is UHF and everything else is VHF if I understood what I was reading. Does anyone have a clue how or what I could do to get channel 12 NBC. Thank you
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Re: Can't get one local channel.

How old is your TV?


Basic question.  Did you go into your TV's setup menu and ensure the source is Antanna? 


Then did you perform an autoscan to add channels. 


NBC should show up as Channel 12.1


Exactly where you live can make a difference.  Example of you live in 85001 zip code you may be able to get 21 channels. 


If you live in southern Phoenix you may be able to get up to 35 channels. 


Do a Google search for Air TV or TABLO  you  can put in your address and get a listing of available channels.  

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Re: Can't get one local channel.

Hello Juliesmith1948,


Cutting the cord is a great way to save money each month while still being able to enjoy your favorite shows and programs. Antennas are often the preferred way to view local channels, although not every channel may always show up depending on a number of factors including your TV, Antenna model, and viewing area.


Our Super User @bobberuchi has asked some great questions and offered a good starting point to troubleshoot your query. I hope it serves you well, but please let us know if you have any further questions. Our community would be happy to jump in and help however possible.


Thank you for writing to us.

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Re: Can't get one local channel.

Thank you one and all. Really appreciate the assistance.