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Buying advice for speakers

My brother let me borrow his center speaker and two of his floor standing speakers. He was living in an apartment so he could not have a home theater. He is about to move into a house so he needs them back. I already own a Denon X3000 receiver, two bookshelf speakers, and a subwoofer. I just need to buy two floor standing speakers and a center speaker. My budget is around $550-600. I really have no reference to what is a good speaker or what is overpriced. Do you guys have any suggestions? I will only be watching movies and TV shows with them.

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Re: Buying advice for speakers

Hey there, DenilCartel!


Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. Selecting the right home theater system for you and your needs can be an exciting task. To help find the speakers that may be the best solution for you, check out our Speaker Buying Guide. 



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Re: Buying advice for speakers

Look  up the specs for your receiver and see what the Ohms impedence is for the speak outs. It may even be printed on the back. 


The find out what your power per channel is. You won't want to get speakers that cannot handle that much power, the same or  a little higher is good. But you want your speakers to be able to  handle equal to or more than the receiver


I looked it up for you  the impedence on that unit is 6 ohms andyour fully descrete at 180 watts when using 7.1




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