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Bluray and Receiver Buying Advice Please....

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I will be buying before the end of the year a Samsung 61" LED DLP set, and I want a blu-ray player and receiver for it.  I already have Bose Acoustimass 15 speakers (cubes and bass module only, no controller box) to hook up to the receiver.


I am looking for recomendations on the bluray player and receiver.  Here are my criteria:


Latest technology, bluray player to cost up to $400, receiver to cost up to $600, both must handle HDMI 1.3a, and i already have HDMI 1.3a cables to hook them up. 


I intend to hook both my cable and bluray into the receiver and send the signal to the Sammy tv.  Would like a receiver that is not just pass-thru where i would have to connect another cable for audio from the bluray to the receiver.


Can you guys with good tech knowledge tell me which bluray players and receivers are my best bets for this system?


Thanks for the help!

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