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Bestbuy misplaced my denon receiver and not giving refund

Being a totaltech member, I called bestbuy and I on call I ordered Denon receiver on Jan 19th, the delivery guy delivered my package to wrong address and not delivered to me on 23rd jan. I called best buy and they said they will send replacement in 2 days till 26th jan. I waited whole day the package did not arrived, then I called again best buy and their representative suggested to take refund and buy again. I said okay, so he cancelled the order and said he is putting dispatch request and I should get call back or email from their back office team within 48 hours. I didnt get any call or email and did not received the refund. I also coordinated with ontrac team and they shared picture of door where they delivered the package but it was not my door, they delivered it to wrong address. Ontrac guy came for investigation and confirmed it. Still there is no refund till now. I tried going to best buy stores also but manager there said they could not help as it was online order. I tried following up with best buy on calls, email, chats and did not get a resolution. Everytime i contact them a new representative waste my time in first explaining the situation and they say nothing is in they hand they dont know status of old dispatch requests and opens new one. Some ask to wait 48 hrs, saome say 72 hrs, same 3 to 5 days, like this it went on till now and I am still waiting for back office teams mercy to process the refund and give me my money. They not giving me money nor the product and playing games with me. None of their employees are knowledgeable, each one tells a different story just to keep my mouth shut and to let go the call. What are my rights in this case? Both best buy and ontrac are enjoying they day and I am still waiting for my money illegally hold by bestbuy
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Re: Bestbuy misplaced my denon receiver and not giving refund

Hello, firozpmf.


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your order. I would be reaching out to someone if I was experiencing the same thing.


I am happy to look into this for you, but first, I am going to need some more details from you. Please, send me private message by clicking the blue button next to my signature, with the order number or Customer Service PIN, your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you.



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