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Best movie scene Demos for Home Theater

I am going to hook up my new home theater tonight after work.  I want to use it also as an educational experience for my daughter who has taken in interest in it.


I wish to demonstrate to her what she is getting.


To that end I would like to ask the community what movie clips they would recommend demonstrating.  Preferrably suggestions that are available on Netflix.


I used to sell computer and home theater.  Back in that day our favorite movie clip was a scene from Terminator 2 where at the end of the scene the Terminator opens the chamber on his shotgun and a shell falls to the ground.  Most of the time the customers would point at the floor where they heard the shell land.  



Good demos will include soft suble sounds as well as action with things going on all around you. 


One of my thoughts is the opening sequence of the Force Awakens that introduces Ren.

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Re: Best movie scene Demos for Home Theater

Hey there, bobberuchi!


Congrats on the new home theater system! One of the best sound system demos I saw when I worked in our stores was the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises. I felt completely immersed in the scene where Bane overtakes the small charter jet he's riding on, and there's plenty of sound effects to go around. I don't believe it's on Netflix, although you may be able to load a clip on YouTube to stream.


Another film that comes to mind that appears to be on Netflix at the moment is Pearl Harbor. This has been one of my favorite films for as long as I can remember, and the variance of themes between its scenes would surely provide you with some great clips to sample.


Of course, you can never go wrong with Star Wars. Smiley Happy

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