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Best Buy Replacing my 2020 85" x900h. what should I get?

My 85" Bravia x900h is being replaced by Best Buy. I can get a "straight comparable" set, which would be the 2022 85" x90k or use the $2599 credit toward a different TV. I want to stick with Sony, and have been debating paying the extra $600 for the 77" A80K. Would this be a good choice? I've always wanted OLED, but is the upcharge worth it for this year's model? I've also been seeing a ton of good reporting on the 75" X95K, which would be an extra $700. Such a hard choice!

I have a semi natural lit room for the 2nd half of the day, the TV is for mixed use between TV, movies, and PS5 gaming. Wall mounted, sitting approximately 7-8 feet away.


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Re: Best Buy Replacing my 2020 85" x900h. what should I get?

I have been a major Sony TV fan for decades. 


I purchased a 65" Sony A90J OLED in the summer of 2020.  With Total Tech Support.  They brought it out and set it  up for me.  What really sold me on it was the ability to use it as a center speaker.  A rep in store was able to demo it for me.  


The picture on the Sony OLED is amazing. I will never go back. 


Sadly it pooped the bed a few weeks later.  They did not have another in stock so they offered me a credit and I opted for the 77" LG OLED


I am exceptionally pleased with the LG.  However, one significant difference (to me) is the LG uses a Linux based operating system instead of Android.  It is significanly faster than what I observed on the Sony.  Other than the app for Parmount Plus is doggedly slow.


To answer your question though, I would go with the A90J.  My store had the 80 and 90 top and bottom and a non OLED next to them.  The non OLED was incredible. However, it looked shabby next to the 80 and 90.


I would go with the 90J becuase the picture is a skootch better.  Well better than awesome. 

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Re: Best Buy Replacing my 2020 85" x900h. what should I get?

Just a preference of mine , if possible I tend to avoid televisions that have a SMART OS inside them unless it's real good for usage on streaming apps as you can easily choose an affordable device. 


I have a Roku Express device in the living room which is 1080P Max for the output but it does a good job of outputting video. You will find that many of the streaming devices have the apps you use on a daily basis for the most part but some apps may be only exclusive to one device. 


I'm not really a fan of 4K Streaming content as I just upgraded boxes through Xfinity for a 4K Box and Disney Plus movies (It was easier for my husband to use) and noticed the file sizes of the movies are insanely large for 4K and have not found a logical way to force it to do 1080p only. 

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